This Needs To Be Said Media (TNTBS, Inc.)

This is a radio and television talk show based out of Charlotte. The purpose of this show is to get a message out to everyone who will listen that says, "There is an elephant in the room, let's talk about it!"

The 'elephant' is anything that we like to pretend does not exist. If you ever go back to the root of a problem it is never anything major 'at first', but if it is not attended to it will become major. It is time to expose these 'elephants' and allow people to live a liberated life.

Cyber Broadcasting Reaching Thousands

We have aired more than 1290 episodes and have had more than 20,000 listens per month, to our shows over the past several years. The website is averaging 14,063 visits per month, with an average of 4,585 unique visits per month. Our community of listeners are those that are looking for a new way to solve every day problems and to gain new perspectives on matters that mean the most to them. We understand that women have so much to balance and we help them achieve that through our platform as we cover health, finances, relationships, and business. Because she has to deal with so much our goal is to help her find her truth as the uncovers it on her journey.

Staying connected and engaged with our audience is important to our success so we provide a fan page on social media a phone app, and a text club to keep the conversation going.

Our audience is: 72% Women and 28% Men between the ages of 35-44, with our second largest age group is between 25-34. Each weekday has a strong listening audience. Our radio show is heard across the state of North Carolina in Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Salisbury and Charlotte. Our show is heard across the country from cities in New York, Texas and California as well. Listeners are tuning in from United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.The television is coming in Mid 2016 stay tuned for more details on how to view it.


Once you are a part of This Needs To Be Said you become a resource. Whenever we learn of someone who can use your service even after you have discontinued use of our service, we will connect you. The relationship does not stop when you stop being our paid client.

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Become a commentator. (Radio) Media exposure for business owners. This way of marketing your business is not new, however it is the least utilized. When you think of that you find it easier to stand out from the mass of others doing what you do, because you will 'present' your business in a stand out way. We call it 'Teach What You Know' marketing. This is not your average commercial.


Sure you may be able to tell people easily what you do, however are you connecting with those who are listening to you? We help you deliver your message efficiently in any interview opportunity you may receive to ensure that you will be asked to be on air with them again. You will also be coached on how to be an awesome guest without overpowering the host or letting a dry host kill your moment to shine.

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We have been in business for more than 8 years and have partnered with other business owners who have been in business even longer, that offer the support to help you realize your dream. With the collaborative effort of our partnerships you will see growth that you only imagined possible. It is not a one size fits all process. We are excited about your potential as you are.

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