When Katherine Waddell asks you to be a guest on her show, say “yes”, because she’s excellent at what she does. But, make sure you take notes when you come in contact with her. You see, successful people always leave clues – and I picked up what she was putting down.

Her show is called, This Needs To Be Said and it highlights topics which are the “elephants in the room” – the things that most people shy away from.

One of the clues that stood out the most for me was the amount of homework Katherine did to prepare for our show. As a rookie show host myself, I’ve learned that for a one-hour show, you need to create at least two hours of content. I have no doubt that if time allowed, she had done enough research, that we could’ve recorded for twice as long.

Doing her homework allowed for a more robust conversation, lending itself to what her specific audience needs. That approach also helps her guests stay on track, eliminating fluff. She made it so much fun, that I lost track of time when we were recording.

Katherine caused me to examine how I could apply her clues to my own shows, to make them better. So, I look forward to those hours of preparation because I know the result will be worth it for my listeners.

To hear my interview on This Needs To Be Said with Katherine Waddell, click  below:
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Thanks, Katherine!

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