Charlotte's First Talk Show

Charlotte’s First Talk Show is coming your way on April 25th and you get to be a part of it. One click and you will have your ticket in hand to be a part of history in the making. Get your ticket here: This show is based in Charlotte around Charlotte businesses and those doing business in the Charlotte area. We will tape from 11am to 6pm. Your time slot will be sent upon confirmation. Tickets are free, but your seat is not guaranteed. We will over book because we need the seats filled. So pay attention to the instructions that will come to you in our follow up emails. Topics that will be covered: Finances, Health, Relationships, Business And there’s more!!You will not only be there for a talk show taping, but you will be pampered by our vendors. The Pamper Parlor is going to be set up for you to get a mini manicure, a tutorial on making your face up and massage therapist have their hands ready to relax you. More details will follow your registration. You will meet vendors who are there to enhance your life, not just sell you something. The vendors have been hand picked to be a part of you finding your truth and you living that truth! About your host: Katherine Waddell who has been affectionately called ‘Baby Oprah’ set out to be a school teacher then found herself behind a microphone with the show called ‘This Needs To Be Said’. Seven years later she has experienced success in the online radio world and now mainstream television is up next for her. She has always included others in her work on the radio and the public access show she hosted and that support of others won’t stop as she grows. Her show has been a great place for local business owners to have their voice heard. Whether they have music, spoken word, a stand alone business or technical skills, she has allowed them to stretch their skills on her platform. Joyfully Yours, For interviews contact the This Needs To Be Said Team at 980-522-8223

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