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Trivia History& Civics

Was George Washington a Republican or a Democrat or Neither one?Courtesy of Brain Quest Revised 4th EditionPost your answers below

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What is the decimal value of two fifths?courtesy of Brain Quest Revised 4th EditionPost answers below

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Turn the word "ring" into a word that means smile by moving the letter 'g'.courtesy of Brain Quest Revised 4th Edition(post your answer below)

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Blended Family Matters

Dating these days is hard if you are over thirty looking for someone to start a life with. After thirty most people have children or have been married. I recall wanting to have someone without children, even though I had children. I also didn’t want to be with someone who

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEApril 26, 2012 FOR INQUIRIES:                    Christine                           MEDIA ALERT School Kids Across the United States to Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of NABEF's  Let's Move! Flash Workout featuring Beyoncé's "Move Your Body" NEW YORK, NEW YORK - On Thursday, May

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