This Needs To Be Said Media (TNTBS, Inc.)

How to Deal With Copy Cats in Business

(Watch In HD) - Copy cats within business can be VERY frustrating. Believe me, I've been there. And to be honest, it use to annoy me until I realized the root of my frustration. Check out this video to eliminate copy cat frustration. #ThisNeedsToBeSaid #KPEMedia The Frustration Called Copy

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What's the goal?

Before you begin your day, a new venture or another conversation ask yourself "What is the goal here?" This guiding principle is not meant to be TOO serious about everything, however when you are intentional you will be able to better recognize when you achieve what you have set out

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The Beginning of This Needs To Be Said Media

(Watch In HD) - I've been told so many times not to give this specific advice. However, with the right process, it's truly the best advice I could ever give you. #ThisNeedsToBeSaid #KPEMedia The Beginning (Watch In HD) - I've been told so many times not to give

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I started this particular business 7 years ago, This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc. It was a mere concept. Over the years someone would give me a tip, then someone else would give me a tip. I felt like they were giving me crumbs. Why were they giving me

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The Excuses, The Frustrations, and The Plateaus

Early on I found that no one wants to deal with the new kid on the block and the reason is simple, you're new and they're not sure if they can trust you or not. There are some things I really wished that someone would have shared with me early

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