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I Cried When I Quit My Job

(Watch In HD) - I remember receiving the letter that said, "You are no longer eligible for re-hire." On top of that, I had to explain everthing to my mom. Check out her response in this video. #ThisNeedsToBeSaid #KPEMedia I Cried When I Quit My Job (Watch In HD)

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No more excuses

(Watch In HD) - Even if you don't make excuses for yourself, you have well-meaning people (friends & family) who attempt to make excuses for you or invoke fear into your mindset. Check out how I address the situation. #ThisNeedsToBeSaid #KPEMedia Excuses & Fear From Others (Watch In HD)

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My approach to fear

(Watch In HD) - Fear is something each of us must face in our lives on a monthly basis. However, it's something I believe we all have the ability to conquer. Check out my solutions to dealing with fear. #ThisNeedsToBeSaid #KPEMedia My Approach To Fear (Watch In HD)

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Your children are watching

(Watch In HD) - Your children are watching each decision you make with your life. The truth is, they are learning and watching more than many of us ever think. Check out my experience with my sons. EYE-OPENING!!! #ThisNeedsToBeSaid #KPEMedia Your Children Are Watching (Watch In HD) -

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Inside Job

Today speaking with my mentor this is what came up about coaching and how I coach: It is an internal job. What I have discovered that no matter how many tasks I give you to do, if you are not mentally tough and emotionally intelligent you will not be able

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