Become A Radio Commentator

This Needs To Be Said Media (TNTBS, Inc.)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a commentator with This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc. (TNTBS Media, Inc.) This step that you are about to take is an effort to expand your brand. This is an ideal situation for business owners to partner with an established radio platform. For businesses that are looking for more visibility this is the place for you.

We offer a platform that allows you to use ‘Teach What You Know Marketing’ to get in front of a new audience. Not only will you expand your brand through adding ‘Radio Host’ to your business resume, you will learn to create a product of your work as you go.

Our platform is second to none. Here you will receive ongoing training, support, feedback, AND you will be taught how to earn revenue with your new show. Attached you will find a very detailed application. Take your time and answer each question thoughtfully and completely. Our endeavor here at TNTBS Media, Inc. is to help you achieve your business goals where it pertains to radio. Therefore, having a good understanding of your business will help us ensure that the goals you set are obtained.

There is one requirements: Must be a business owner.
Training is provided, so no experience needed in the field of radio or marketing.

    Please make note of the following:

  • *This is not an application for employment with TNTBS Media, Inc.
  • *This is an application for consideration as an independent contractor
  • * This is a consideration of partnership
  • *There will be an appointment set to meet with one of our team members upon completion of this ‘application for consideration’