This Needs To Be Said...

1922603_738559616154769_237646232_n‘This Needs To Be Said’…is a talk show based out of Charlotte.
The purpose of this show is to get a message out to everyone who will listen that says,

“There is an elephant in the room, let’s talk about it!”

The ‘elephant’ is anything that we like to pretend does not exist. If you ever go back to the root of a problem it is never anything major ‘at first’, but if it is not attended to it will become major. It is time to expose these ‘elephants’ and allow people to live a liberated life.

Her Story…

Katherine WaddellSaturday night, sitting in my parking space in front of my town home, tears poured out of my eyes as if someone had died. Monday morning was just around the corner and I would have to return to my job. No one hated me at work, (that I knew of) and I did not hate the job or anyone there. What was happening to me was that I was not able to live my dream. Finally, getting out of the car at 3 a.m. and making my way into my town home the tears continued. I lay in bed all day on Sunday, dreading Monday. I got myself together and I went to go get the answer to know what to do next. When I arrived at my mom’s I sat on the side of her bed, swollen face and all. She asked, “What’s the matter?” I said, “I want to live my dream.” She said, “Then do it.” I said, “You don’t understand, I don’t want to go to my job in the morning.” I could not believe that my mother was saying for me to live my dream. She was the very person I KNEW would tell me to return to work. She told me, “Hell, you need to be happy, so live your dream.”

I had been telling others, “Quit that job and do what you love!” It was time to practice what I preached. So on March 22, 2010 what started out as a group page on Face Book had worked itself into a talk show. I called my job and let them know I would not be back again. I knew I could not go back to the job with the school system. I was so certain that I had a plan, then six weeks later things seemed to come undone. What was I to do? Call my job back and tell them I was just kidding? When the writing I was doing did not take the exact route I had hoped, someone asked, “Why don’t you do a talk show?” The idea of doing a Blog Talk Radio show sort of fell in my lap, this was new to me. I had not heard much about it or how it worked. Plus my thought was funds were tight.

You may wonder “Is she living her dream?” You better know she is! She wanted to be an educator since she the age of 5 and her only students were her Raggedy Ann doll and Brown Bear. Class was held outside in a non-traditional setting. Not realizing that this would be the course her life would take, nontraditional. What started out as a blog is now a blog radio talk show. Each day the goal is to invest in the community good seeds that will grow and produce productive citizens. All of her life she has been consistent in sharing information with others as she has learned it. Katherine says, “It has been my desire to educate others.” So now she is doing just what she has held in her heart for many years. Through her understanding, people die when they do not know. So that saying, what you don’t know won’t hurt you…is a lie!

We can grow together.

Katherine Waddell started her career at This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc . in 2009. She transitioned to her company after exiting the school system deciding that her classroom would be the radio audience. She offers her clients a platform to market their business as a commentator through her training and coaching program. She has been called upon by her clients for accountability, business advice, and mentorship.

Ms. Waddell is one of the most influential media giants in the Radio and Broadcasting business as well as a legendary agent to world class leaders. She is often called the next “Kathy Hughes” in the Communication industry, because of her determination and will to make her business thrive.

Not only did Ms. Waddell not quit, but she grew her profitability by 125% percent. She works with national brands to bring awareness and recognition to her clients. She has launched the careers of new artist, authors, actors, coaches and speakers using her expansive networks and expertise in radio and television. She has expanded the careers of doctors, attorneys, business owners, licensed counselors, pastors, politicians, pro fitness trainers, community activist, independent music artists, national recording artists, national actors, playwrights, and other radio personalities. She is known as the ‘Next Strategist’ to her clients from the world of the unknown to being recognized by their first names.

This Charlotte Native has served as a community leader, a youth mentor, and an inspiration to those seeking to live out their passion. She has served as an advocate for those who were able to speak up for themselves to earn the promotions or recognition they deserved. She has worked for Cigna Healthcare, Charlotte Mecklenburg School System, and Life Span, Inc. Each position gave her room to flex her creative muscles. Those companies also allowed her to use her gift to motivate people to create the life they want through using their gifts. She holds a bachelor’s in Educational Studies and a Master’s in English and Creative Writing.

Her clients have been featured on Charlotte Today, Tom Joyner, Huff Post Live, GQ, ABC, Men’s Fitness, Match.com, Dating Advice.com, Essence Magazine, and the New York Times Best Seller’s list.