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Our Story

Hello my name is Katherine Waddell. I am a Charlotte, NC Native, right from the Queen City. I am have a BA in Education and finishing up a Master's in English and Creative Writing. My passion is in education, but not in the traditional way. I have hosted an online radio show for the past six years and that has been my class room.

We are seeking your support to raise $30,000 for a studio crew. This will include recording 13 episodes of the TV Talk Show, editing, and distribution. We will need a set, makeup, wardrobe, and hair. 

Our perks include: (but there are more!!)

  • Being a part of the studio audience
  • Having your name listed as one of the producers
  • Get a mug with our logo on it

If we raise more money than the goal we set we will use it for marketing and the second season of the talk show. 

By contributing to our campaign you will help provide an 'edutaining' show where people can discover their own truth. This is not a religion, it is a relationship. This will be meaningful media. Over the past 6 years as people have tuned into the radio show they have repeatedly said to us, "I never thought about it that way". When they say that we know that our work is done. 

As people begin to find the answers to the things that were afraid to ask, there is a relief that causes them to be one of our biggest supporters. We have ran this television show on Public Access here in Charlotte and it was a hit! People stood in line to get into the studio to be on television with us. 

Although we have had plenty of success there a few things can hold us back from reaching our goal. Our obstacles are as follows:

Not having the shows editing down to 28 minutes and 30 seconds. We have opted to go with a professional company and pay the expense to make sure each show is the right length and edited with closed captions according to the FCC standards.

We also may run into not having enough advertisers the first season or two. We have on our team a marketing expert to help us connect with those who buy media commercial time. 


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